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Hera is the goddess of the family. She is the wife of Zeus. Hera is kind-hearted, gives the residents strength and courage, fortifies marriages, and warms up the trembling farmers on cold winter days.

Divine Powers


Noblemen come from all the surrounding lands to bring presents to the king's marrying daughter and the city.

The selected city receives 125 wood, 200 stone and 200 silver.

30 Favor.png


At night, Hera places a warming veil around the workers. During the day, Hera protects the workers by cooling them off during the midday sun.

Increase wood, stone and silver production of the selected city by 50%. The spell lasts for 12 hours on speed 1.

120 Favor.png

Population Growth

Another proud warrior is born. Hera means this city well.

In the barracks, all units assigned after using this spell will be trained twice as quick. This spell lasts for 12 hours on speed 1.

80 Favor.png


The proud warriors are overcome by longing; their hearts no longer beat for war but for their families and homes.

The attacking naval and land units fight with 10% less power (can only be used on an incoming attack).

140 Favor.png

Mythical Units


Many farmers report that certain creatures plunge from the sky on the occasional stormy day. They are half woman, half bird; grasping their prey from the sky at lightning speed before disappearing just as fast. Harpies do not require transport ships to travel from one island to the next. 1600 Wood.png
400 Stone.png
1360 Silver.png
130 Favor.png


No matter how brave, every warrior that stares directly into the eyes of Medusa will feel his arms and legs go rigid. This snake headed creature will then smash the statue of the petrified warrior. 1500 Wood.png
3800 Stone.png
2200 Silver.png
210 Favor.png