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In the twilight of the Era of World Wonders, when one alliance controls 4 out of the 7 Wonders, the Age of Heroes will begin. This 2.0 Feature will bring about new units, divine powers, increased armies, and much more. There will be a number of ways in which a player can access the Hero Worlds once they have opened.

Hero Worlds

A Hero World is an extension of the normal Grepolis worlds. These worlds offer a new goddess with new powers and mythical units, increased building levels and new structure graphics. In addition to that the Hero World academies offer brand new technologies, which will add new dimensions to the game. Hero Worlds were created specifically for experienced players. A special award is required for players who are not in the winning alliance as a prerequisite to enter the Hero Worlds. This award can be earned in the normal Grepolis worlds.

Basic Hero World Rules

To qualify for Heroworld entry, the player must earn the award Heroic Tactician Award.

Heroic Tactician

• The award Heroic Tactician is the key to enter the Heroworlds.

Heroic Tactician

• To obtain the Award you must complete the following 5 challenges:

Challenge Number
1 Found a city 1
2 Takeover a city 1
3 Cast a divine spell 100
4 Ranklisting points 20,000
5 Battlepoints 7500

These settings are subject to change and are not yet final.

Improved Starting conditions

• Each player starts the game with 3 cities instead of 1 (1000, 1925, and 3185 points)

• The 3 cities are distributed on 2 different islands.

• The 2 smaller cities are always on the same island (1000 & 1925 points), whereas the largest city (3185 points) is isolated nearby.

• 3 farming villages will be available on each island.

• The building levels of the cities will be as followed:

Structure City 1 (1000) City 2 (1925) City 3 (3185)
Senate 10 12 15
Cave 5 5 7
Warehouse 7 15 18
Farm 8 12 16
Resource Mines (Timber Camp, Quarry, Silver Mine) 17 28 33
Marketplace 0 1 7
Docks 0 0 1
Barracks 5 5 5
Wall 5 10 15
Academy 5 10 13
Temple 0 0 1

Increased Building levels and Resource capacity:

• Warehouse: 30 + 5 = 35

• Farm: 40 + 5 = 45

• Academy: 30 + 6 = 36

• Temple: 25 + 5 = 30

Players that construct at least 4 of the 7 world wonders to level 10 simultaneously in a 2.0 world will receive the award Master of X. Players with this award will play on the Hero Worlds with a 10% max favor bonus (500+50=550) as a reward for their efforts.


As the academy is available from the beginning in all cities, players will be able to choose which technologies they wish to learn from the start. The full research points are available to the player and are relevant to the academy level. The academy will receive 6 new technologies for the levels 31-36.

Level Name Description
31 Improved Catapults Your catapults now move more swiftly to the battlefield. (Speed 4 instead of 1)
31 Temple Looting Mythical units can now loot an enemy’s favor in addition to resources. (5 favor per mythical unit; except the Hydra)
31 Divine Selection Your mythical units receive a boost of 10% to their stats (offensive and defensive)
34 Wisdom of War You gain additional battlepoints after a battle, worth 10% of lost units.
34 Strong Wine The City Festivals and Olympic Games duration is reduced and only lasts 10 hours instead of 12.
34 Set Sail Your colony ships are 10% faster.

Artemis, the Patroness of Hunters

A new god is available on the Hero Worlds, or to be precise a goddess: Artemis. She will introduce 4 new spells to the game and also add new mythical units to the battlefield.

She is a strict and gruesome god, and hostile towards all men. As ruler of the animal kingdom she is the master of the Calydonian Boar, and commands the Griffins in the sky. Her divine powers can cause her enemies to hallucinate. However she can also strengthen the aim of distance fighters and cleanse the spells of enemies. Her versatility in battle is a force to be reckoned with.

Artemis’ spells:

Artemis' Spells
Nature's Gift

Nature's Gift

A mysterious wagon full of stone appears before the cities doors. Praise Artemis!

The selected ciy receives 650 stone.

30 Favor.png
Aim of the Huntress

Aim of the Huntress

The aim of your distance troops is enhanced by Artemis.

Troops that use distance attacks are 15% stronger. (can only be used on an outgoing attack).

100 Favor.png


Artemis casts an illusion spell on an enemy city. The cities owner will see an incoming attack, however when the attack arrives the victim realizes it was only an illusion.

This spell mimics an attack and causes the player to see an incoming attack. When the spell “arrives” a report is created stating it was only an illusion. The spell is used on a city, and has the speed of a lightship.

260 Favor.png


Artemis cleanses a city or troops from all active spells.

This spell is used on own cities as well as incoming or outgoing attacks. The spell removes all negative spells from the city or attack.

200 Favor.png

Artemis' Mythical Units

Name Description Stats
The Griffin


The Griffin is a symbol for wisdom and is a guardian of the divine. It is the master of the skies and king of the beasts. Its speed and agility are only bested by its ability to strike unexpected from above. Weapon Type Weapon type: Blunt

Attack DamageAttack Damage 920

SpeedSpeed: 20

PopulationPopulation: 38

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 370

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 350

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 120

Calydonian Boar

Calydonian Boar

The Calydonian boar is an extremely dangerous land unit that crushes legions of soldiers with ease. Once enraged, the boar will fight till its last breath, using its tusks to slash at its enemies. Weapon TypeWeapon type: Sharp

Attack DamageAttack Damage 250

SpeedSpeed: 16

PopulationPopulation: 20

Defense SharpDefense against sharp 950

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 450

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 100

When do the first Hero Worlds start?

The first Hero World will be launched on December 15, 2011. All players who have access rights may then join the new Grepolis adventure.

  • For those worlds which have 4 Wonders being completed at the same time, they will spawn a joined Hero World. So for example: if Worlds Alpha, Beta, and Gamma all complete the Wonder requirements, a single Hero World will spawn for the three worlds.

Further Hero World information will be released later this month.